The 7 Levels Of Change – Introduction (Part 1 of 9)

Open Source Innovation has moved – here is the new link to The 7 Levels Of Change – Introduction.


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  3. This is the type of information in which used and thought out, and implimented does give the greatest results in my experiences.
    as in your quote “Each level is harder to implement that the one that precedes it. Each requires a different level of thinking, inspires a different level of fear, and carries a different set of pros and cons”
    However, our ability to to have the “well thought out different level of thinking” does create a different level of fear. “Will it work” What if it doesn’t” comes into play in our thoughts…and in our actions…yes, way the pros and cons, this is not such a “different level” of thinking, it is one of the oldest ways and effective ways of thinking…I look forward to reading the various 7 levels of change!
    This is outstanding food for thought…
    Karin Hiebert

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