7 Levels Of Change (Part 4 of 9) – Level 3: Improving

Open Source Innovation has moved – here is the new link to 7 Levels Of Change (Part 4 of 9) – Level 3: Improving


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  1. […] Altairnano…AND THE WINNER IS…Keirsey Temperament Assessment – Free, Powerful, and Revealing7 Levels Of Change (Part 4 of 9) – Level 3: ImprovingElectric Motorcycle PrototypeThe Nature of Innovation Part II – Creative StylesElectric (and other!) […]

  2. […] Level 2 has made your new venture more efficient, but to move forward you have to make changes that go beyond efficiency. Level 3 is improvement, and we’ll tackle that next. […]

  3. […] Expressing themselves – Jerry is energized by meetings, while Tom basically sits and listens, then goes off by himself to ‘recharge’ and reflect on what he’s heard. Jerry will express himself in meetings, but Tom will express himself after recharging. Jerry might be frustrated if he has to wait for Tom but he shouldn’t. Jerry needs to let Tom express himself in his own way, even if it means they can’t take action on everything immediately after meetings. If Tom is leading the meeting, Jerry will have no problem expressing himself verbally. If Jerry is leading the meeting, he could help Tom ‘be heard’ by asking all meeting participants to write down thoughts in a hot wash up or 5-minute meeting wrap-up. […]

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