The Golden Rule Is WRONG!!

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  1. I tend to see the Golden Rule as being about reciprocity while the Platinum Rule is about initiative. The Golden Rule comes handy when there is a mutual exchange between individuals while the Platinum Rule seems effective in one way relationships where there is no expectation of a response from the other. What do you think?

  2. Regarding your latter point, I think the Platinum Rule is most useful in a continuing relationship between people who need one another to succeed. I also think it is important in persuading others. So I disagree in that there is an expectation of a response – an approval, a continuing relationship, a sale, a persuasion.

  3. Jerry drops an anvil on Tom’s head, duh.

  4. Had I remembered this simple fact it would have saved me at least an hour writing the followup, but it’s almost done so oh well…

  5. […] Wrong, Part II) Posted on October 8, 2007 by Innovation Catalyst Last week I explained why the Golden Rule is misguided, misplaced, and just plain wrong. Today I follow up by completing two examples on how to operate under the Platinum Rule: “Do Unto […]

  6. In my point of view the golden rule is right. Everything is under principle. There is also a reference point for every action. Based on this understanding i believe that Tom don’t accept if even Jerry request to be swallowed by him. What i mean is if someone/Susan need to be hurt by another/ Mike, or if her interest is awful, the other/ Mike mustn’t accept it. B/se it’s a bad idea. So if we live in another world whereas their is no rule maybe the platinum rule can be accepted fully. By the way i realize that the other side of the golden rule agrees with the platinum if the interest of the other party is fair. At last, I see that denying the golden rule is like trying to use only the one side of a coin.

  7. […] – The Platinum Rule: “I learn about your type, style and temperament to better understand how you want to be […]

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