Changes Afoot At Open Source Innovation

I am excited to announce some major changes to the blog in the upcoming weeks.

1. First off, as soon as I figure out the best way to do so, I am going to transition this blog to a pay-for server with a pay-for WordPress theme that gives me a lot more functionality. I’ve picked the new theme and it’s dynamite. is great for so many reasons, but having your own server running software opens up tons of new opportunities for creativity. makes exporting my current posts and pages to a new blog pretty easy. But one of the biggest problems I will have is to get my Google traffic diverted to the new blog. One way I might do that is to keep this blog going for a while and systematically replace each post and page with a link redirecting traffic to the new blog.

2. The new blog will have a new thrust. Along with innovation and creativity, I am adding Myers-Briggs and KAI to the mix. I will be qualified to administer Myers-Briggs by March so I will be offering that as a service for individuals and groups, along with KAI. There will be a whole section of the blog devoted to Myers-Briggs, with lots of information on its meaning and use, and I’ll be making Myers-Briggs-centered posts on a regular basis. I will offer a wide variety of services:

  • Myers-Briggs for individuals
  • Myers-Briggs for groups
  • Myers-Briggs and Innovation for groups (including KAI and innovation tools)
  • Myers-Briggs and Creativity for groups (including KAI)
  • Innovation Services like problem finding and ideation, by the hour

Myers-Briggs for individuals will be a complete service offering both Form M and Form Q, along with all other available forms, via an online tool. The group offerings may or may not be limited to the Baltimore-Washington-Philadelphia area, for the time being.

3. As far as the name goes, I own so I will probably use that. I might come up with something different. I will also use additional domains for pages devoted to individual and group Myers-Briggs services.

My next post on the subject will be to announce the location of our new blog home.


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