The Perils Of Migrating To A New Server

I have begun the migration I posted about earlier this week.  The new server works great, domain and email transition went flawless, the new theme kicks ass, and the WordPress export executed fine.  Plus, the selection of plug-ins is fabulous.  However, there are a few niggles that will draw the transition out further.

  1. I am running WordPress on the new server.  However, the import function leaves a bit to be desired.  It does not fix your internally-directed links.  I link a great deal to previous posts, but the import doesn’t redo the links to reflect the fact that the previous posts have moved to a new domain and permalink structure.  So if you click on a link to a previous article, it redirects here.  That means every internal link I’ve ever posted will have to be edited manually.  Hoorah.
  2. Speaking of permalinks – there is no ‘permalink redirect’ function in that would automatically forward my old article links to the new blog.  This means that (unless I figure out a better way) I will have to redirect EVERY POST manually by putting a message in each that the post has moved to the new blog.  Then eventually Google will catch up.  This means I will likely trim away some of my less-read posts.
  3. has an email function that allows you to easily put an email box in any post or page.  Readers can send you emails this way.  The software apparently doesn’t have this function, or it executes it differently, because the old code doesn’t work.

If you want to check it out so far, the new site is at (please excuse the boxes, we’re still moving in).


2 Responses

  1. not sure why your topic in the Ideas forums got closed, apparently they don’t want you to move from .com

    either way we’re banned from .com fora for good and it’s great that you had a chance to link your blog URL in the forum profile.

    so back on topic, .com is *already* support HTTP redirects — this feature just not advertised. although it’s a sneaky 302 (Found), rather than a fair 301 (Permanently moved).

    you might also entertain with this plugin to mantain .com permalink structure:

    please see more details on Adam’s blog:

  2. […] said, I didn’t want to be all doom and gloom, so here are a few of the huge benefits of migrating to a new […]

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