More Of The Top Articles From OSI

My Top 25 Posts article worked very well, so here’s the next group. We’ll see how much traffic this on diverts. In the meantime, I’m going to be creating new permalinks for the Top 25 articles.

Guerilla Product Placement
BusinessWeek’s Top 100 Global Brands
A New Business Model For The Music Indus
The Nature of Innovation Part II – Creat
Has Solar Energy Finally Turned The Corn
7 Levels Of Change (Part 2 of 9) – Level
Why We Need Electric Cars, Part I
Morphological Analysis/Matrix
Buffalo Wild Wings – Another Example of
The Greatest Buzz Marketing Ploy Ever
7 Levels Of Change (Part 4 of 9) – Level
Want To Be A More Creative Innovator? T
Problem Finding – The Most Important Par
Arsenal Access
7 Steps To Being A Better Creative Think
Under Armour: Branding Juggernaut Pushes
7 Levels Of Change (Part 3 of 9) – Level
Electric (and other!) Car News
Pareto Analysis of Two Diet Plans
“Forty Uses For A Brick” – A Real World
7 Levels Of Change (Part 7 of 9) – Level
Branding 101
Two Vastly Opposing Views on Brainstormi
7 Levels Of Change (Part 6 of 9) – Level
Who Speaks For Innovation?
Random Words
How To Turn A “Crazy Idea” Into A Revolu
Top 7 Ways To Become A Better Crappy Bos
IDEO’s Ten Faces Of Innovation
Arrr, Mateys – Top 7 Innovation Pirates

Top 25 Viewed Posts On OSI

This seems like a good way to get the transition started.  Here are the top 25 most-viewed posts of all time, relinked to the new blog. A few of them I haven’t duplicated on the new blog, for one reason or another. Those links still point here.


IC’s Familiar Quotations on Innovation
Forty Uses For A Brick
Electric Motorcycle Prototype
Does EESTOR Have What It Takes To Be Dis
The Golden Rule Is WRONG!!
Whither Thou Goest, id Software?
Keirsey Temperament Assessment – Free, P
Get Your First Electric Car From…Sam’s
Hannah Montana, Radiohead, Virginia Tech
A Car That Gets 300 Miles Per Gallon
Innovation Writings
Followup – How EESTOR Can Be Disruptive
EEStor, A123, Altairnano…AND THE WINNE
An Electric Car Breakthrough? Building
The Greatest Creative Thinking Game Ever
Open Source Problem Finding – A New Form
Why We Need Electric Cars, Part II
Out With The Golden Rule, In With The Pl
A Cheaper Electric Car By 2009???
FCB Grid
Another Electric Car – Altairnano Phoeni
The 7 Levels Of Change – Introduction (P
A New Business Model For The Music Indus

The Joys Of Migrating To A New Server

The migration is going OK so far.  I solved the internal permalink problem with the help of a learned WordPress guru.  I also solved the contact form problem with the aid of a plug-in.  The migration permalink problem is there to stay, I will just have to gut it out and redirect links manually.

That said, I didn’t want to be all doom and gloom, so here are a few of the huge benefits of migrating to a new server:

Custom Themes.  The theme I’m using has a lot of functionality.  Right there on the home page you’re greeted by a scrolling panel of featured articles.   I can choose from one of five home page orientations, 2- or 3-column, and can also choose the look of my post and archive pages.

Plug-ins.  Plug-ins are huge.  There is practically nothing you can’t do with a plug-in.  Internally, a plug-in helps me redirect permalinks.  Externally, I’m using plug-ins for the following:

  • Sphere, which generates links to related web news and blog articles on whatever’s in your post (try it out here, the link is at the bottom of the post)
  • Automatic Social Bookmarking link generation (you’ll see it at the bottom of each post and page)
  • Contact Email Form generation, Categories Cloud generation, and a lot of small stuff that had built-in
  • In Series, which lets me easily index a series of posts

I’m still learning about the hundreds of available plug-ins so I’ll be adding them constantly for the new few weeks.

Amazon Affiliate Program.  Since I’ve been including links to my favorite books in the ‘Library’ section, I decided to take advantage of the Amazon program.   The Library is now called “Recommended Reading” and displays everything in a neat widget.   I’m also experimenting with a few other Amazon widgets – one that generates a ‘title cloud’ of related book titles (currently sitting in the right side column) and another that associates keywords in each post and page with a related book title (not sure if I like that one yet).

Myers Briggs Section.  There will be a whole section of the site devoted to Myers Briggs information and services.  I will have designated URLs for individuals, teams, and innovation-related services.

I’d say that the new blog will be open for business by the end of the month.

The Perils Of Migrating To A New Server

I have begun the migration I posted about earlier this week.  The new server works great, domain and email transition went flawless, the new theme kicks ass, and the WordPress export executed fine.  Plus, the selection of plug-ins is fabulous.  However, there are a few niggles that will draw the transition out further.

  1. I am running WordPress on the new server.  However, the import function leaves a bit to be desired.  It does not fix your internally-directed links.  I link a great deal to previous posts, but the import doesn’t redo the links to reflect the fact that the previous posts have moved to a new domain and permalink structure.  So if you click on a link to a previous article, it redirects here.  That means every internal link I’ve ever posted will have to be edited manually.  Hoorah.
  2. Speaking of permalinks – there is no ‘permalink redirect’ function in that would automatically forward my old article links to the new blog.  This means that (unless I figure out a better way) I will have to redirect EVERY POST manually by putting a message in each that the post has moved to the new blog.  Then eventually Google will catch up.  This means I will likely trim away some of my less-read posts.
  3. has an email function that allows you to easily put an email box in any post or page.  Readers can send you emails this way.  The software apparently doesn’t have this function, or it executes it differently, because the old code doesn’t work.

If you want to check it out so far, the new site is at (please excuse the boxes, we’re still moving in).

Changes Afoot At Open Source Innovation

I am excited to announce some major changes to the blog in the upcoming weeks.

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Guerilla Product Placement

Open Source Innovation has moved – here is the new link to Guerilla Product Placement.

The Greatest Buzz Marketing Ploy Ever

Open Source Innovation has moved – here is the new link to The Greatest Buzz Marketing Ploy Ever.